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  • What's included?
    Starting at: 1 - 2 people $1500+ • 3 people $2200+ • 4 people $2500+ Deposit Required: $800 Full Day Experience Includes a local Hunting Guide (1 Hunter Max) Includes 4WD transportation to exclusive hunting locations (pickup/drop off available for $50 within Puna, $75 within Hilo, $150 within Waimea, $300 within Kona) Meat Care - includes de-boning and packaging of meat Trophy Care Refreshments + Snacks Everything Free Range, Fair Chase - Extra Animal: $200/each Call to create a more personalized experience, half days available upon request Does Not Include: Flights Lodging Shipping/Delivery Taxidermy $400 Pick Up/Drop Up - $50 within Puna, $75 within Hilo, $150 within Waimea, $300 within Kona We have a large selection of rifles which you are welcome to rent
  • Do you offer half day hunts?
    Starting at: 1 Person $700+ • 2 people $1200+ • 3 people $1799+ • 4 people $1900+ Deposit Required: $500 Half Day Experience (2-4hrs) Includes a local Hunting Guide (1 Hunter Max) Local neighborhood hunting on private land Meat Care - includes de-boning and packaging of meat Trophy Care Refreshments + Snacks Everything Free Range, Fair Chase - Extra Animal: $200/each Call to create a more personalized experience Does Not Include: Flights Lodging Shipping/Delivery Taxidermy $400 Pickup/Drop Off Available - $50 within Puna, $75 within Hilo, $150 within Waimea, $300 within Kona) We have a large selection of rifles which you are welcome to rent
  • Reservation Policy?
    Your reservations can be booked directly via email. You may also call 808-345-1933 during business hours (2:30-7:30pm Hawaii Time) in order to be booked by our staff.
  • Check-In + Parking?
    We are located in Hawaiian Paradise Park and will email you directions to our farm. You have the option to meet us at the farm and park next to The Slaughter Shack. Please arrive 30-60mins before your scheduled hunt. If you have a 4WD vehicle, we can arrange a meet up location along the way without any additional cost. If you do not have a vehicle to meet us, we can arrange a pickup/dropoff service: $50 within Puna $75 within Hilo $150 within Waimea $300 within Kona
  • Cancellation Policy?
    Reservation costs are fully refunded if emailed and confirmed 5 days prior to excursion. If cancelled with less than 96 hours notice, your costs will be forfeited at the following rates. If cancelled with 24-96 hours notice, you will receive a 50% refund of your costs. If cancelled with 24 hours or less notice, then 100% of your costs will be forfeited. There are NO refunds within 24 hours of departure. No exceptions.
  • Can I fit in a hunt during my family vacation?
    YES! We cater to family friendly schedules so hunters can join a 1/2 day hunt late around 3-4pm for approx 4 hours. If you have more time, we can offer a full day hunt that starts early at 4-5am and ends early afternoon, approx 10-12 hours. Family friendly too!
  • Can I bring my family along? Including young kids?
    Absolutely. If you're a hunting family and feel comfortable bringing kids along for the hunt, we do recommend that they're a minimum of 10 years old. Parents or adults on hunt are fully responsible for any and all kids under 18. Adults must sign waiver on behalf of all children.
  • Is a Hunting License Required for Hawaii?
    Hawaii requires purchasing your all-inclusive $105/non-resident Hawaii Hunting License in advance online at remember to bring a print out with you (hunting license application (resident) here) If you are purchasing a Hawai’i License for the first time you will need your Hunter’s Safety Certificate and must fill out and submit the “Non-Resident Exemption Request Form” first. You will receive an email with further instructions as to how to purchase the license. If you do not have a Hunter’s Safety Certificate you can take an online course at - no tags are needed for the private lands that we hunt on. If you want to join the hunt as a HUNTING ASSISTANT, just call us directly for more information. To acquire a Hawaii Hunting License: 1) Print, complete and return by mail this Letter of Exemption form to the Hawaii DLNR office (you will need your Hunter Safety Card to complete the form) 2)Once you receive the an Exemption number back (approx. 2 weeks) you can then go to to purchase a Non-Resident Hawaii Hunting License. 3) Please remember to print out and bring your license with you on your trip. No tags are needed. ----- FINE PRINT: State Hunting License: According to Hawaii law, all hunters born after December 31, 1971, or before January 1, 1972, and have never held a previous Hawaii hunting license, must complete hunter education certification in order to purchase a hunting license in Hawaii. All U.S. states, provinces, and countries that have mandatory hunter education requirements will accept the Hawaii Hunter Education Certificate. Likewise, Hawaii will accept Hunter Education certifications that are issued by other jurisdictions that meet official IHEA-USA requirements. (This is known as “reciprocity.”) Online hunter safety course and hunting classes Hunting license application (resident) Non-resident hunters purchasing license for first time. Hunting Rules: Hunters shall carry their appropriate hunting license, as well as required permits or tags, on their person at all times while in the hunting area. Each hunter and hunter assistant shall check in before hunting and check out after hunting at the same established checking station. Each hunter shall provide all information requested by an authorized representative of the department or on hunter sign-in sheets or questionnaires and shall fill out and return any hunter report form they receive in the mail. No person shall possess or discharge any firearm within any public hunting area without having a valid Hawaii State hunting license in their possession. While hunting, each hunter shall be limited to carrying on their person only one legal firearm that is consistent with the hunt. However, a hunter may carry another hunter’s unloaded firearm in addition to his own unloaded firearm in close proximity to the other hunter. When hunting with a bow, no person shall use: Long bows with less than forty pounds of drawing tension at a twenty-eight inch draw, recurved bows with less than thirty-five pounds of drawing tension or Compound bows with less than thirty pounds of drawing tension. No person shall possess any arrows equipped with explosive heads or heads containing drugs or poison. Only arrows having a minimum blade cutting diameter width of threequarters of an inch are permitted. A bow shall be considered loaded if an arrow is nocked on the bow string Safety Orange "Blaze Orange" No person shall hunt, serve as a guide, accompany, or assist a hunter in any hunting area where firearms are permitted without wearing an exterior garment (shirt, vest, jacket, or coat) made of commercially manufactured, solid blaze-orange material or solid blazeorange mesh material with a maximum mesh size of one-eighth inch. (All types of camouflage orange are prohibited for these garments.) When carrying game or wearing a back pack, the blaze orange on the upper torso must be visible from both front and back. Department of Land and Natural Resources "DLNR" For more detailed information on hunting areas, bag limits and seasons with the rules and regulations for each island. Please visit the DLNR forestry and wildlife, online booklet here. Lana'i Hunt Application DLNR has created a system that you will now use to apply for Mouflon Sheep and Axis Deer hunting on Lana'i. In preparation for the upcoming hunt application period, we highly recommend that you review the instructions in the link below to ensure you are able to login to the new site now. Once you have your login credentials it will make the process much smoother for you once the application period begins. DLNR hunting application.
  • Best Time for Hunting Season?
    YEAR ROUND HUNTING available. Wild boars, sheep and goats are our hunts of choice on exclusive hunting grounds. Mouflon Cross Sheep- full day day hunt $2,000 Wild Goats – full day hunt $1,700 Polynesian Boar – full day hunt $1,500 Game Bird Hunting (November – January) (Erkel’s Francolin, Kalij Pheasant, Valley Quail) $650/per person (2 person min.)
  • Medical Concerns?
    For all medical concerns, please disclose any and all medical conditions prior to the hunt. Bring any and all medication with you (Inhaler, EPI-PEN, etc). If you have pre-existing medical conditions related to the lungs, heart, or circulation, please inform us before arrival. We want you to have a fun and safe hunt.
  • Waivers?
    The necessary waiver is found in your confirmation email when you booked your tour. Please find that email and click the link to fill out the waivers. Each person must have a waiver on file, before departure.





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